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1) What was/is it about Spoon as a band that you find different, interesting, "worthy", etc.?

Great songs, inventive musicianship, a sense of humor, their attractive fans.

2) How would you describe Britt Daniel as a person, keeping along the same lines as question #1?

He's very tall. Also, he's male without making a big deal out of it, which I think is important in today's society.

3) How would you say that Spoon has evolved since the band's inception, and what would you hope to see in the band's future?

They've found consistently better looking bassists, which counts for a lot in today's shallow, fire-the-ugly members rock scene. Musically, they've been getting further and further away from a signature sound with each album, which is either very brave or very stupid, depending on how much money you've paid them to release their records in Upper Volta. But it's always about the songs -- Spoon took the "ifice" out of "artifice" a long time ago. I'm a little bitter that they didn't use that for a t-shirt or bumper sticker slogan.

But I would say if their albums got any better, I'd be embarrassed to play them on a moderately priced stereo. It's a little awkward right now, actually.
Austin, TX
Austin, TX
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Britt Daniel, Jim Eno, Eric Harvey, Rob Pope, Alex Fischel
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William Morris

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