On 1-18-2017, Hollow Sidewalks held their CD/Album release party for their new release “Year Of The Fieldmouse” at Portland’s Holocene nightclub. Hollow Sidewalks,  an alternative rock band that plays a dark, meandering groove based style that hits hard, yet is definitely NOT thrash rock or speed metal, has carved out their own distinctive style in what sometimes otherwise feels a sea of similarity. Their sound will grab you by the shirt collar and give you a good shake, open both your eyes and ears.  Fronted by lead singer, guitarist and primary songwriter and composer Nora Murphy Hughes, they bring forth and optimistic and forward-looking vibe regardless of the heavy sound. Opening for Hollow Sidewalks was first Slutty Hearts followed by Shadow House. Slutty Hearts had a distinctly garage punk feel to their sound, yet with a variety that even included a 50’s doo-wop ballad. Shadow house was a more straight-ahead hard rock alternative offering. Combined together they provided a solid warm-up to Hollow Sidewalk’s set.

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