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May 17, 2017 @ 10:05

If you don't know Orkestar Kriminal, you definitely need to peep this session.

“FUCK. This is nuts”.

My team looks over at me with surprise. I’m not usually the voice of reason on set, but we’re shooting a 10 or 12 or 20 piece band, in the bowels of a skid row shooting gallery underneath a bridge at SXSW, about 100 yards from the permit police, and the ground is covered in human shit. Also there are about 5 tweakers who seem very interested in our camera and audio gear.

“Everything OK, John?”, Damian murmurs in the unmistakably discordant key of growing concern.


“Yeah….fuck it. Let’s shoot this before we lose the light”.


And that’s pretty much the story of how DMNDR came into possession of by far one of our most memorable sessions we’ve shot to date, with one of the most energized, unique and awesome bands crawling around SXSW.


If you don’t know Orkestar Kriminal, you definitely need to peep this session. They’re the crazy Greek wedding you never had and never could, the frenetic, hyperbolic version of the wildest live show you don’t have the musical vocabulary to lie to your kids about catching in 2017. They sing tales in more languages than I can count, borrowed from the underground legends of criminals the world over. Check out the session below and give a listen to their catalog here. For a little bonus insight into this shoot, check out the BTS clip beneath the session.

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